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Whag Verified Identities

Cybercriminals are stealing millions of dollars per month from businesses and consumers by impersonating trusted leaders and brands.

an illustration of a whag verified link beeing created, secure url scanner

How It Works:

We are who we interact with. Unfortunately, it isn’t always clear who's on the other end when engaging online. Whag makes it easy to instantly create and implement trustworthy, cross-platform digital identities.

Icon showcasing the unique 'Whag Tag', a signature feature of Whag for link authenticity

Whag Tags

Every link is tagged with the creator’s unique Whag Tag. Whag Tags are secure representations of the creator’s status as a trusted entity within the network. These tags are permanent, unique, and are derived from the owner’s legal name or linked social media handles.

"Icon illustrating the secure onboarding process for new users on Whag

Secure Onboarding

To create a Whag Tag, users have to connect at least three social media accounts to prove their identity. The more you connect, the more secure your profile becomes. Whag is for humans only, no bots or scammers allowed.

Icon symbolizing the 'Safe Stop' feature of Whag, ensuring user safety before redirection

Safe Stops

When clicked, a Whag Verified Link takes you to a Safe Stop before redirecting you to your destination URL. Safe Stops provide all the information you need to verify a link’s creator, destination, and security.