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Why Choose Whag Over Traditional Link Shorteners?

How can we ensure the links we share and receive are trustworthy? Traditional link shorteners, while convenient, often mask the true destination, making them a favorite tool for malicious actors. Whag's Verified Links system is here to change the game.

an illustration of a whag verified link beeing created, secure url scanner

Whag vs. Popular Link Shorteners

When it comes to sharing links online, the choice between Whag and traditional link shorteners is clear. With Whag's Verified Links, you're not just getting a shortened URL. Each link is embedded with cryptographic proof, unequivocally tying it to its creator,

Icon emphasizing the protection and safeguarding of links shared through Whag

Secure Link Creation

While most link shorteners simply truncate URLs, Whag's Verified Links offer more. Created swiftly, these links don't just abbreviate; they embed cryptographic proof, ensuring the link's origin is unmistakably tied to its creator.

Icon showcasing the link verification process, ensuring authenticity with Whag.

Enhanced Link Validation

Whereas standard link shorteners might mask potentially harmful destinations, Whag's system is rigorous. Before achieving the "Verified" badge, links are meticulously vetted. Only authenticated users can generate these links, and each destination must be SSL encrypted and absent from the Blocklist.

Icon showcasing the unique 'Whag Tag', a signature feature of Whag for link authenticity

Transparent Identity Verification

In the world of generic link shorteners, the link's origin remains a mystery. With Whag, clarity is paramount. Anyone who interacts with a Whag Verified link will immediately discern its creator and intended destination.

Icon symbolizing the 'Safe Stop' feature of Whag, ensuring user safety before redirection

Beyond Basic Shortening

Traditional link shorteners stop at condensing URLs. Whag goes a step further. Every Verified Link introduces users to a Safe Stop, a momentary pause that not only confirms the link's security but also fortifies user trust before proceeding to the final webpage.

Whag's Edge Over Conventional Link Shorteners

Whag stands out by offering enhanced link security and transparency. Unlike traditional shorteners, Whag ensures every shared link is trustworthy, embedding user confidence in every click.

Less Secure

Convenience with Limited Safeguards

Link Creation
  • Shortened URL without additional security.
Link Validation
  • Potential for malicious links.
Link Protection
  • No protection on clicks.
Best Choice

Maximized Security & Transparency

Link Creation
  • check
    Cryptographic proof embedded in every link, ensuring authenticity.
Link Validation
  • check
    Rigorous checks with SSL encryption and Blocklist verification.
Link Protection
  • check
    Safestop protects your clicks.
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