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Whag Verified Links

Whag’s Verified Links provide cryptographic proof that ties a link to its creator. Outsmart social engineering and phishing attacks with the only link that bakes trust into every click.

an illustration of a whag verified link beeing created, secure url scanner

How It Works:

By combining link creation, link validation, identity verification, and awareness culture in one convenient package, Whag’s Verified Links allow businesses, individuals, and communities to efficiently safeguard themselves and others against phishing threats.

Icon emphasizing the protection and safeguarding of links shared through Whag

Link Creation

Whag Verified Links can be created and shared in seconds. They provide cryptographic proof tying the link to the link’s creator.

Icon showcasing the link verification process, ensuring authenticity with Whag.

Link Validation

Links have to pass through our Link Security Checklist before being verified. Only verified Whag users can create verified links Destination URLs must be SSL encrypted Destination URLs cannot be on the Blocklist

Icon illustrating the process of identity verification, a core feature of Whag

Identity Verification

Every person who clicks on a Whag Verified link will know who created the link and where it’s taking them.

Icon symbolizing the culture of awareness and vigilance promoted by Whag

Awareness Culture

Every link leads to a Safe Stop. Safe Stops give clickers piece of mind and let them know that the link they’ve clicked is safe to follow. Verified Identities