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Whag Allowlists

See how Whag Whitelists allow users to organize and share verified links, for personal, professional, or managerial purposes.


May 11, 2023
Screenshot from the Whag platform displaying the Whitelist view

Whag gives you the ability to organize and share your Whag Verified Links with Whag Whitelists.

Screenshot from the Whag platform showing links to add to a Whitelist
Screenshot from the Whag platform showing how to create and add links to a Whitelist

Our Whitelists are quick and easy to create, convenient to share, and they contribute to the Whag Community’s decentralized security model. Here’s how you can get started using Whag Whitelists today:

  1. Head to your Whag Dashboard and click on the Whitelist tab. Once you’ve found your way to the Whitelist Tab, go ahead and click the Create button.
  1. After you’ve clicked on the Create button, you’ll be prompted to give your Whitelist a title and choose a Whag Verified Link from your collection to get started. If you haven’t created any links yet, that’s ok! You can always create a list and add links later.
  1. You’ll be able to create up to ten (10) Whitelists, and links can be added from both the Whitelist Tab and the Link Tab.

Whag Whitelists are multifaceted – you can use them to organize your links, share your links with others, and show others that you trust links that others have created. To share a Whitelist, all you’ll have to do is click on the respective Whitelist, select share, and you’ll be given a shareable Whag Verified Link that will lead anyone to the public version of your Whitelist page.

Screenshot from the Whag platform showing a user account

If you want to curate a secure, verified list of products or items you recommend, Whag Whitelists are perfect for you. If you want to assemble a list of resources that you trust and that you’d like your community members to access, Whag Whitelists are perfect for you. Whether you want to curate or share in a personal, professional, or managerial capacity, Whag Whitelists are perfect for you.

Whag Whitelists are an evolving tool that will play a larger and larger role in the Whag ecosystem over time. For now, we can’t wait to see how you use them and the places they will go.