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Whag Verified Links

Over 3.4B phishing links are sent every day. Whag fights phishing by allowing you to create and share Verified Links.


May 11, 2023

What are Whag Verified Links?

Whag Verified Links are shortened, customizable links that you can create from your Whag Dashboard. In the future, you’ll be able to create Whag Verified Links through our Chrome extension, Discord bot, and Slack integration as well.
Screenshot from Whag platform, showing user creating a verified link

Proving Provenance with Proof of Post

When a Whag Verified Link is created, you’ll sign your link with your Whag Tag to create Proof of Post. Proof of Post provides a Whag link’s provenance, and it tells everyone and anyone who clicks on the Whag Verified Link who created the link and when.

After you’ve created your Whag profile, you’ll be able to create and share Whag Verified Links in seconds. All you’ll have to do to get started is click on the “Create” button in the top right-hand corner of your Secure Links dashboard.

After you’ve clicked “Create”, you’ll see a pop-up screen that prompts you to provide your link’s title, destination URL, and unique back-half. Every destination URL that’s dropped into the Destination field will be checked against Whag’s Community Blacklist to ensure safety, security, and to block any malicious links from being shared.

Screenshot from Whag platform, showing the SafeStop

Safe Stop for Added Security

Every time a Whag Verified Link is created, our system also generates a Safe Stop. Every time someone clicks on a Whag Verified Link, they’ll always see our trademarked Safe Stop, which shows off the link’s Proof of Post, before being redirected to the destination URL.

Versatile and Secure Sharing

Whag Verified Links are convenient, powerful, and can be used to share everything and anything. They’re perfect for sharing links to news articles, login pages, attaching to your link-in-bios, wrapping payment links, and even sending links to important documents. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, an influencer, an accountant, or a small business owner – we made Whag Verified Links for you.