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The Community Blocklist

After claiming your Whag Tag, create Verified Links, manage Whitelists, and report harmful links. Whag's social cybersecurity lets you control online safety by blocking suspicious links.


May 11, 2023

Once you’ve taken ownership of your profile and claimed your Whag Tag, you’ll be able to start creating Whag Verified Links, creating and adding links to Whitelists, and reporting malicious links to our Community Blacklist. Whag is a uniquely social cybersecurity platform, and our Community Blacklist empowers you to take control of your online safety by giving you the ability to identify, report, and block suspicious and malicious links.

To get started, you’ll need to head to The Blacklist Tab on your Whag Dashboard. Once you’ve arrived at The Blacklist Tab, click on the Submit Link button on the right:

After clicking Submit Link, a warning will pop up explaining what it means to submit a link to The Community Blacklist. After you’ve read the warning, click continue, and a new pop-up will emerge that gives you the ability to submit your report. Go ahead and give us a few details in the Title field and then drop the suspicious or malicious link, including "https://", in the Destination field.

Once you’ve successfully submitted your link, it will enter the queue for review. We personally review every submission to make sure that only truly malicious links find their way onto The Community Blacklist, and The Blacklist Tab makes it easy for you to view the status of each submission.

By identifying and reporting suspicious and malicious links, you’ll play an active role in protecting not only yourself but also fellow users from potential threats. Because Whag is a decentralized network full of active participants, The Community Blacklist is a living, growing tool that gives us the ability to identify and block threats in real time.

In the future, we’ll release a Chrome extension that provides community members with access to what we’re calling Protection Mode. When it’s powered up, anything on the Community Blacklist will be blocked. You’ll even be able to limit your browsing to destinations on Whitelists or on a specific Whitelist.